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Books Recommended:

1. Resnick, Walker and Halliday, Fundamental of Physics, John Willey and Sons. Inc, 6th

2. B. G. Streetman, Solid State Electronics, Prentice Hall India (2 Edition, 2005. nd 

3. M.N. Avadhanulu and P.G. Kshirsagar, A text Book of Engineering Physics, Edition) 1986 (7th Edition) 2004. 

4. Dekkar A.J.; Electrical Engineering Materials; Prentice Hall og India Publication, 1992 

5. Kenneth Krane; Modern Physics; (2 nd 6. S. O. Pillai, Solid State Physics, New Age International Publishers, 3 Edition); John Wiley Eastern, 1998 rd edition, 1999